IHG Refrigeration Electrician in Kuwait City, Kuwait




Refrigeration Technicians, commonly known as Refrigeration Mechanics, repair, install and troubleshoot refrigeration systems. They can work on industrial or residential climate-control systems, such as HVAC units, ice machines, beverage equipment and refrigerated storage units. Refrigeration Technicians also perform preventative maintenance in order to avoid future problems or breakdowns. Refrigeration Technicians are generally able to work on mechanical and electrical components of these systems, though some may be trained to specialize in either of these areas. Plays the leading role in promoting the desired work culture around “Our

Winning Ways”.


and Responsibilities

  • Attends maintenance and repair calls.

  • Notes all required spare parts and consumable material and instructs thestorekeeper of the requirements

  • Executes all periodic preventive maintenance on allelectrical distribution systems, lights, generator etc… as per the annualmaintenance chart

  • Conduct maintenance check for air-con, refrigerators, heaters andcoolers

  • Install Air-con and heaters.

  • Repair damage and dysfunctional air-con, heaters and coolers

  • Check its functions and status

  • Fix and check back age type and Split type

  • Change spare parts

  • Encode the reported damage of the air-con, heaters or cooler

  • Check the its major parts (i.e. Freon)

  • Conduct daily routine for inspections

  • Check leakage

  • Executes regular inspections on lights, power outlets and all relatedelectrical systems such as the distribution boards, substation etc… as per theelectrical checklist.

  • Takes daily readings on the electric meters to evaluate consumption.

  • Follows up and executes all the works assigned by the Assistant ChiefEngineer.

  • Operates electrical equipment such as pumps, blowers, air handling unitsetc…

  • Ensures a safe working environment for all technicalstaff




  • Qualified intechnical/electrical/maintenance diplomas/related education.

  • Previous hotelexperience/hospitality/guest service oriented behaviour

  • Ability tocommunicate with the guests and anticipate their needs when it comes to servingthem.

  • Well-groomed,neat and tidy at all times when dealing with guests directly.

  • Maintain theStandard, Quality of Service during the tenure with the hotel.

  • Responsible,Dedicated, Attain a Sense of Ownership towards serving guests and giving agreat experience to the guests coming to the hotel.

Job: Facilities & Engineering

Location: Kuwait-Kuwait City

Requisition ID: KUW001627