IHG Health Club Supervisor - Holiday Inn Doha - The Business Park (Pre-Opening 2017) in Doha, Qatar


What's your passion? Whether you're into gardening, swimming or karate, at IHG we're interested in YOU. At IHG we employ people who apply the same amount of care and passion to their jobs as they do their hobbies - people who put our guests at the heart of everything they do. And we're looking for more people like this to join our friendly and professional team.

Holiday Inn Doha The Business Park, Conveniently located in the center of the bustling Business Park and the financial district of Doha , Holiday Inn Doha The Business Park is only a 15-minute drive from Hamad International Airport and a few minutes away from the local main attractions including Souq Waqif and Museum of Islamic Arts . Explore the city at ease with close proximity to the shopping malls, the Corniche and to the city center making it an ideal place to stay around for business or leisure.

The hotel s 307 well-appointed guestrooms all feature flat-screen televisions, satellite channels, complimentary high speed internet access, also 7 high-tech and flexible meeting rooms, a 24 hour business center, Lobby Cafe, Stock Burger, Pool Bar and All-Day Dining Restaurant.

Job Overview

Primary role is to facilitate the correct operation of bothreception desk areas. Ensuring tomonitor cash flow, relevant accounting procedures as well as provide courteous,friendly help and assistance to all Guests & Members at all times. Secondary role is to ensure Standard Operating Procedures are implemented andfollowed.

Place of Work

Holiday Inn Doha TheBusiness Park - The Company may temporarily post you to another IHG hotel/department/Crowne Plaza Doha - The Business Park after discussing thesuitability and domestic arrangements with you. You may on occasion be requiredto travel both in Qatar and overseas in connection with the employment.

Duties and Responsibilities

-[if !supportLists]->1.-[endif]->Responsible for the supervision of all health club attendants andreception staff.

-[if !supportLists]->2.-[endif]->To ensure the Health Club area is up to the highest standards of cleanlinessat all times. Paying particular attention to the changing rooms, gymnasium andsquash courts.

-[if !supportLists]->3.-[endif]->Report any items found immediately to the Assistant Resort Manager (orin his absence, the Resort Manager),complete the Lost & Found log book and hand toHousekeepingimmediately.

-[if !supportLists]->4.-[endif]->Report to the Resort Manager any maintenance work to be done in any areaof the Sports Club.

-[if !supportLists]->5.-[endif]->Ensure guest courtesy is to the highest standards at all times.

-[if !supportLists]->6.-[endif]->Anticipate guest s needs and provide service as required. (Extra towel,offer drinks etc).

-[if !supportLists]->7.-[endif]->Follow Hotel Fire Procedures.

-[if !supportLists]->8.-[endif]->Follow Hotel Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

-[if !supportLists]->9.-[endif]->Co-operatewith the company to achieve compliance with FLS legislation

-[if !supportLists]->10.-[endif]->Take moral andlegal responsibility for conducting themselves in their work so they do notexpose themselves or others to risk

-[if !supportLists]->11.-[endif]->Read,understand, and implement the relevant sections of the FLS Policy

-[if !supportLists]->12.-[endif]->Sign theEmployees' Declaration having read and understood the relevant sections of theFLS Policy

-[if !supportLists]->13.-[endif]->Not promote orparticipate in horseplay, pranks, or practical jokes, which may result in anaccident or injury

-[if !supportLists]->14.-[endif]->Notintentionally or recklessly interfering with anything provided in the interestsof safety

-[if !supportLists]->15.-[endif]->Make carefuluse of safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles, aprons, overalls, shoes, andso on

-[if !supportLists]->16.-[endif]->Return safetyequipment to its designated storage area after use, and reporting any equipmentdamage to the supervisor

-[if !supportLists]->17.-[endif]->Takereasonable care when storing, handling, and using chemicals and dangeroussubstances, lifting and carrying, and using or cleaning dangerous workequipment, including machines

-[if !supportLists]->18.-[endif]->Not undertakeany activity which compromises their personal FLS, or the FLS of others

-[if !supportLists]->19.-[endif]->Report allaccidents, dangerous occurrences, or hazards, no matter how minor, to thesupervisor or Heads of Department

Changing Rooms

-[if !supportLists]->1.-[endif]->Regular brushing / mopping to keep to the highest standards ofcleanliness.

-[if !supportLists]->2.-[endif]->Fold towels whenever required.

-[if !supportLists]->3.-[endif]->Check soap dispensers and refill when required.

-[if !supportLists]->4.-[endif]->Check air fresheners are working and refill when required.

-[if !supportLists]->5.-[endif]->Ensure Sauna, Steam room and plunge pool area is kept to the highestlevels of cleanliness.

-[if !supportLists]->6.-[endif]->Cleaning of all shower cubicles.

-[if !supportLists]->7.-[endif]->Clean lockers and check locks are not broken.

-[if !supportLists]->8.-[endif]->Water cooler to be checked so there is water and cups available at alltimes.

-[if !supportLists]->9.-[endif]->All litter to be placed into litter bins provided.

-[if !supportLists]->10.-[endif]->Emptying of litter bins at night (or if they become full during theday).

-[if !supportLists]->11.-[endif]->Regular inspection for cleanliness and hazards. Sign check sheet atleast every two hours.

-[if !supportLists]->12.-[endif]->Ensure maximum temperatures are not exceeded on Sauna & Steam Room.(Checks to be recorded)


-[if !supportLists]->1.-[endif]->Ensure all exercise machines are clean; take appropriate action if notup to standard.

-[if !supportLists]->2.-[endif]->Regular checks should be made (at least every 2 hours) and checks mustbe recorded.

-[if !supportLists]->3.-[endif]->Water cooler to be checked so there is water and cups available at alltimes.

-[if !supportLists]->4.-[endif]->Paper towel dispenser to be restocked and litter to be emptiedregularly.

Squash Courts

-[if !supportLists]->a.-[endif]->To ensure the staff regularly clean and mop the squash court area.

-[if !supportLists]->2.-[endif]->To ensure the staff remove all debris and litter into bins provided.

-[if !supportLists]->a.-[endif]->All squash racquets are to be checked for damage and sent forre-stringing whenever necessary.

-[if !supportLists]->3.-[endif]->Regular checks made to ensure that everyone plays in the correctfootwear and with non-marking soles.

-[if !supportLists]->4.-[endif]->Water cooler to be checked so there is water and cups available at alltimes.

Reception Area

-[if !supportLists]->1.-[endif]->Both large and small towels to always be available and keep acommunication with the laundry dept.

-[if !supportLists]->2.-[endif]->Ensure all keys used are signed in and out in the key log.

-[if !supportLists]->3.-[endif]->Ensure all equipment given out from reception to guests is recorded andalways signed in & out.

-[if !supportLists]->4.-[endif]->Immediately report all items found in the club to your supervisor,L&F logbook entry to be made and hand toHousekeeping.

Tennis Court Area

-[if !supportLists]->1.-[endif]->Ensure the tennis court reception area runs smoothly.

-[if !supportLists]->2.-[endif]->Constantly review policies and procedures to improve our service to theguests.

-[if !supportLists]->3.-[endif]->Water cooler to be checked so there is water and cups available at alltimes.

Other Duties

-[if !supportLists]->1.-[endif]->Assist in the organization of special events and promotions, wheneverrequired.

-[if !supportLists]->2.-[endif]->Assist on the reception desk if required.

-[if !supportLists]->3.-[endif]->To assume other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned byManagement from time to time.

In return we'll give you a competitive financial and benefits package which may include healthcare support and life insurance support. Hotel discounts worldwide are available as well as access to a wide variety of discount programs and the chance to work with a great team of people. Most importantly, we'll give you the room to be yourself.

So what's your passion? Please get in touch and tell us how you could bring your individual skills to IHG.

IHG is an equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V


Job: Spa & Recreation

Location: Qatar-Doha

Requisition ID: DOH002391