IHG Gym & Fitness Instructor - Crowne Plaza Doha The Business Park in Doha, Qatar


Job Overview

To utilize specialist skills to

provide fitness, sport and recreation activities for Guests and Colleagues.

At CrownePlaza ® , we want our guests to

feel able to do their best, achieve their goals and be recognized for their

success. To help them, we need you to

stay One Step Ahead and:

  • Create Confidence – by being anexpert at what you do; by acting and looking the part and adapting yourstyle to match your guests’ pace in all you do.

  • Encourages Success – by supporting andrespecting your guests and their goals; by recognizing them and makingthem feel valued and important and offering thoughtful choices to helpthem feel restored and balanced

  • M ake It Happen –by being perceptive to your guests’ needs; by taking ownership for gettingthings done and working seamlessly with others to help guests be successful.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Schedule fitness, sport and recreation activities

  2. Attend group and function rundown meetings to ensure inclusion of

appropriate recreation activities

  1. Market and promote fitness, sport and recreation activities

  2. Handle all requests regarding fitness, sport and recreation activities

  3. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the general principles of fitness and

training, concepts of health and the effects of exercise on the human body

  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the general principles of nutrition

and influence on the performance of exercise activities

  1. Trace relevant statistic about innovative fitness, sport and recreation

activities with a view to implement

  1. Assist departments in developing attitudes of health and well-being of

staff through fitness, sport and recreation programs

  1. Select and maintain a range of fitness activities and equipment

  2. Teach a multitude of exercise techniques from a variety of fitness



Program exercises for

individual guests as requested.



Comply with Hotel Rules and Regulations and

provisions contained in the Employment Handbook


Comply with Company Grooming Standards at all

times to portray a professional image of self and the hotel.


Comply with Time and Attendance Policies set

by the hotel.


Actively participate in training and

development programs and maximize opportunities for self-development


Demonstrate understanding and awareness of

all policies and procedures relating to Health, Hygiene and Fire Life Safety


Familiarize yourself with emergency and

evacuation procedures


Ensure all security incidents, accidents and

near misses are always logged in a timely manner and brought to the attention

of the Line Manager


Comply with the Company’s Corporate Code of



Familiarize self with the company values

(Great Hotels Guests Love) and model desired behaviors (Winning Ways, Room to

be Yourself) and ways of working (IHG Wheel).


Perform all tasks as directed by the Manager

in pursuit of the achievement of business goals

The above is designed to help you in the understandingof the role and is not intended to be a definite list of your duties, asflexibility in meeting company and guest needs is required by all employee s


Job: Spa & Recreation

Location: Qatar-Doha

Requisition ID: DOH002492