IHG Demi Chef de Partie (Pastry) - Holiday Inn Doha - The Business Park (Pre-Opening 2017) in Doha, Qatar


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Holiday Inn Doha The Business Park, Conveniently located in the center of the bustling Business Park and the financial district of Doha , Holiday Inn Doha The Business Park is only a 15-minute drive from Hamad International Airport and a few minutes away from the local main attractions including Souq Waqif and Museum of Islamic Arts . Explore the city at ease with close proximity to the shopping malls, the Corniche and to the city center making it an ideal place to stay around for business or leisure.

The hotel s 307 well-appointed guestrooms all feature flat-screen televisions, satellite channels, complimentary high speed internet access, also 7 high-tech and flexible meeting rooms, a 24 hour business center, Lobby Cafe, Stock Burger, Pool Bar and All-Day Dining Restaurant.

Job Overview

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Supports the Section Chef by preparing, presenting,storing and serving a selection of dishes.

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Adhere to local regulations concerning health,safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and localpolicies and procedures.

Place of Work

Holiday Inn Doha TheBusiness Park - The Company may temporarily post you to another IHG hotel/department/Crowne Plaza Doha - The Business Park after discussing thesuitability and domestic arrangements with you. You may on occasion be requiredto travel both in Qatar and overseas in connection with the employment.

Duties and Responsibilities

-{PS..0}->1.Prepares, cooks, serves and stores the followingdishes:

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Appetizers, Savories, Salads and Sandwiches

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Sauces

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->hotand cold

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Eggs, Vegetables, Fruit, Rice and FarinaceousDishes

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Poultry and Game dishes

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Meat dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->meatmarinades

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->carvemeats

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Fish and shell fish

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->sauces for fish and shell fish

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->garnishing techniques and methods of service for fish

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Pastry, cakes and yeast goods

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->petitsfours

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->desserts

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Hot and cold deserts

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Decorate,portion and present

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Plates and Terrines

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Chinese Regional Dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Guangongdishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares an extensive range of meat, vegetable,chicken and seafood dishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares sauces, condiments, seasonings andflavouring agents

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares braised dishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares dehydrated products

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Sichuandishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares a range of specialty chicken and duckdishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares a range of specialty seafood dishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares a range of vegetable dishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Preparesbraised dishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepareshot and cold noodle dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Beijingdishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares specialty chicken and duck dishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares specialty seafood dishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Preparesa range of vegetable dishes using regional cooking principles and specialtyfood presentation

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares braised dishes according to regional style

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares noodle dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Shanghaidishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares specialty menu items using specialized andpreserved commodities

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares specialty chicken and duck dishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares specialty seafood dishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares a range of vegetable dishes

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares braised dishes according to regional style

-[if !supportLists]->v-[endif]->Prepares noodle dishes

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Thai Regional Dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Prepares extensive range of regional food,including appetizers, soups, curries, sauces, dressings

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional appetizers

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparessoups

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional curries

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional sauces, dips and dressings

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Indian Regional Dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Prepares extensive range of regional food,including appetizers, soups, curries, sauces, dressings,

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional appetizers

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparessoups

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional curries

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional breads

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Malay and Nonya Regional Dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesextensive range of regional food, including appetizers, soups, curries, sauces,dressings,

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparessambas, achar, and kerabu

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparessoups and stocks

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional curries

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional rice dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional noodle dishes

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Indonesian Dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesextensive range of regional food, including sates

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional curries

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional rice dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional noodle dishes

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Japanese Dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesand procedures a range of Japanese food including sunomono, tsukemono aemono,yakimono mushimono, gohanmono and kaiseki menu items

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesand procedures a range of aemono (dressed salads), sunomono (vinegared salads),and tsukemono (pickles)

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Prepareand produce Sashimi

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Prepareand produce a range of mushimono (steamed) dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Prepareand produce a range of yakimono (grilleddishes)

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Vietnamese Dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesextensive range of regional food, including banquet, festive, and specialtymenu items

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesand produces a range of salads

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparessoups and stocks

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Prepareschicken, meat, seafood and vegetable dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional rice dishes

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesregional noodle dishes

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Asian Desserts

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Producesa range of liquid and solid deserts

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Producesand presents a range of steamed sweet rice based desserts

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Producesbaked desserts

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Dim Sum

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Producessweet and savoury dim sum

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Producesdeep fried dim sum

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Producesbaked dumpling

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Producesa range of baked desserts

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Buffet Food

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesand presents food for buffets

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Preparesand presents desserts for buffets

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Storesbuffet items

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Communicates politely and display courtesy toguests and internal customers

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Provides direction to the Kitchen helpers,including Cooks, Kitchen Attendants and Stewards

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Communicates to his/her superior any difficulties,guest or internal customer comment and other relevant information

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Establishes and maintains effective employeeworking relationships

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Attends and participates in daily briefings andother meetings as scheduled

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Attends and participates in training sessions asscheduled

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Prepares in advance food, beverage, material andequipment needed for the service

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Cleans and re-sets his/her working area

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Implements the hotel and department regulations,policies and procedures including but not limited to:

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->House Rules and Regulation

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Health and Safety

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Grooming

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Quality

-[if !supportLists]->o-[endif]->Hygiene and Cleanliness

-[if !supportLists]->-[endif]->Performs related duties and special projects as assigned

The statements in this job descriptionare intended to describe the essential nature and level of work beingperformed. They are not intended to beALL responsibilities or qualifications of the job.

In return we'll give you a competitive financial and benefits package which may include healthcare support and life insurance support. Hotel discounts worldwide are available as well as access to a wide variety of discount programs and the chance to work with a great team of people. Most importantly, we'll give you the room to be yourself.

So what's your passion? Please get in touch and tell us how you could bring your individual skills to IHG.

IHG is an equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V


Job: Kitchen

Location: Qatar-Doha

Requisition ID: DOH002389